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Tanks don't need to run hybrid to be useful, they are excellent damage mitigators with guard and should be in a support role rather than acting as prime-time damage dealers.

In the current meta there is no logical reason to pick certain DPS classes as they are outclassed by skank tanks. I believe that this is an issue.
I've stated that if I am tanking my goal is to guard my team and be as annoying as possible. The issue is that currently tank gear does virtually nothing for me in PvP. Yes, I have tried it.

I have also stated everywhere that I almost always outdamaved myself as a vigi guardian, which anyone claiming is OP needs their head examined. Not because it doesn't do damage but because it is so squishy. Sorry but dying 15 times a match is not fun for me. Especially when I run with a healer.

Therefore, as I have stated virtually everywhere on these forums by now, the solutions are to improve dps survivability for guardians and vanguard and to make tank gear somehow help my survivability. Provided these were true, tanks would run tank gear and dps would go dps spec. In the meantime, we can all enjoy dying to the armies of mercs and snipers and die repeatedly or go try to be useful to our team somehow.