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While I appreciate the attempt to fly some of the forgotten ships, I'm not really a fan of Strike nights because it takes forever to kill stuff and there's not much strategy involved.. I'd prefer we allow Cometbreakers, Spearpoints, and Sledgehammers too.
Well, it's not like one can enforce ship choice with a custom lobby or anything.

I will give the dispensation that the Sledgehammer/Decimus can be considered honorary members of the strike tribe of ships, and if we're talking double missile/torp builds we can give both the T2 and T3 gunships a pass as well, counting them as Pikes or Quells in heavy disguise. T3 scouts, tensor builds might be a bit too meta in Dom, but certainly if they pick other systems they can probably pass. Wait, they do have other systems right? It's been a while since I've checked what components they have that no one would want to use.

@Ianir I made the events a bit on the long side deliberately, figuring that probably most people wouldn't be able to do entire time slots, but that more people would be able to get to at least part of the events. It is STRIKEtoberfest, so I was aiming at being on the inclusive side, even for the more serious and cutthroat-competitive events. If a sufficiently large selection of teams prefer shorter sessions, I can alter times, I just want to make sure times work for as many people as possible.
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