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Good stuff.
Gear doesnt matter, get it in your head people. Stop complainin, enjoy the game.

Gear does matter. A rather obvious area in which gear provides an advantage is giving you a deeper health pool. A deeper health pool means more up time damaging or healing or guarding. It could also mean not being the focus in an arena. It's also not the only advantage that gear provides.

If two players of roughly equal skill get involved in a one-on-one fight the one with the better gear is going to have an advantage. The OP likely got away with it either because he was up against a greatly inferior team, always had company and was left to freecast, or had a pocket tank or healer or both. Gear isn't the end-all-and-be-all for PVP but to claim that it does not matter at all is simply ridiculous.

To anyone who doesn't think gear matters: Create a new PVP toon in a class you already know how to play very well. Record the damage or healing you dish out with each match after hitting level 70. You'll notice that with some exceptions, you generally dish out more damage or healing as your gear level progresses. Since this isn't a new class for you, obviously experience isn't the determining factor in your improvement. It's your gear.