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Tanks do less damage then dps.
Question is do they have better defensives ? Dunno about that. Vanguard tank has nothing apart from passives, has worse dcds then many dps classes..

It is what it is and if people wanna make it viable by doing good damage then props to them for finding a way to make their class be usefull. Its better then crying on forums.
Last thing I'll say on here: I'm primarily referring to Jug/Guardian Skank Tank. VG is weak regardless of role.

The moderately higher damage that DPS can achieve is easily offset by the superior DCDs of the Jug/Guard skank tank (again Merc/Mando being the exception). Also, theoretical parses have little relevance in PvP.

Tanks don't need to run hybrid to be useful, they are excellent damage mitigators with guard and should be in a support role rather than acting as prime-time damage dealers.

In the current meta there is no logical reason to pick certain DPS classes as they are outclassed by skank tanks. I believe that this is an issue.