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Lol, since when playing a class well is exploiting ? You can play your class however you want it and however is effective. Dont have to listen to devs to tell you how to play.

Please stop saying skank tank... there is nos such thing. If they do tanking they are tank. Thats it. Sorry to hear you get outdpsed by tanks. Maybe stop mashing buttons and unload your stuff into dcds, that helps.
Ad hominem aside, PvP is more fun when each class has plays and counter-plays against each other. To accomplish this, each class should be better at some things (damage, cc, heals, defense, etc.) at the expense of being worse at others.

Skank Tank violates this principle by having excellent damage and defensives (and cc immunity for some flavors). This eliminates counter-play because there is no counter to the skank tank activating a DCD or two and proceeding to burst down squishier classes (short of running away until the DCD expires, but that's not really fun/viable).

A balanced tank class should have a one-to-one tradeoff between defensives and damage. If you want to drop huge numbers in PvP, you should have to play a DPS class.

Completely agree on toning down the defensives of Merc/Sniper. I would submit that tank classes should have the power of their defensives made dependent on wearing tank gear (eg. damage reduction or ability duration of DCDs scaling off defense/shield/absorb rating).