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09.30.2017 , 07:07 PM | #9
Read some angry comments about where the Starship hook is on Manaan, and that's something that rather ticks me off as well.

I guess there is a Starship hook on the roof, to the right of where you log in. There's no way to get up there (conveniently) so it's not really convenient to place things up there anyways.

For me... when I first set foot in Manaan, and turned around... saw that open pad right behind where you log in, I was like "I'm gonna put a Starship there!" burned my 5x Dark Matter Projects and 5x Universal Prefab mkIII for a starship... and then swore a whole bunch when I discovered it's a Center Piece, but NOT a Starship Hook.

I Need This To Be a Starship Hook NAO PLZ.