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Baras clearly knew that the SW was more powerful than he was, and he knew that from a very early point - Act I the Wrath is warned that Baras is already plotting against them. He uses the SW as long as he deems it useful, and then tries to kill them. Standard stuff, so far.

But the SW is chosen as the Empire's Wrath at the same time Baras is claiming to be the Emperor's Voice, and since the Emperor himself isn't talking, nobody's challenging this except for Darth Vowrawn - who is apparently not strong enough to go against Baras head to head.

When the SW takes down Baras, it's a personal victory, yes, but they're also acting on behalf of the Emperor to take out Baras as the false Voice. It's the Emperor's agents who guide them through the last Act, and it's with that higher goal in mind. That's what makes it so important, not the SW's personal struggle to best their former master.

Also, even though the Emperor's agents are working with the SW, they aren't officially recognized as the Wrath until they appear before the Dark Council and take out the other person claiming to be the "representative" of the Emperor, ie, Baras. So not only are the defeating the pretender; they're claiming their rightful place in the Sith hierarchy.

And you're right, the Rule of Two doesn't apply here, because it's 3000 years earlier and a different Sith Order. But even when the Rule of Two was in effect, it did get quietly blown off. Darth Vader had about a squillion secret apprentices, and so did Emperor Palpatine.