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09.30.2017 , 06:23 PM | #1
Certain decorations have associated sounds. This has been both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes adding an object that makes some noise gives your Stronghold a more natural feel... and sometimes a decoration that "just looks perfect" makes a lot of noise pollution you just don't want. There's that Zakuul maintenance droid that's doing some welding in a panel? When that thing came out, there were like... 20 threads telling Devs they needed to lower the volume by 90% at least.

Juke boxes, as well... do you want your music to be audible in a room, or fill the whole stronghold?

...anyways. How about adding player controlled volume to decos from the Edit screen? Anywhere from Zero (mute) to 10. I know I'd still be looking at turning down my Zakuul maintenance droid even a bit more... and I've got a "Temple Whispers: Ambient Sound" that I can't hear at all.