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Darth Baras was considered by Vowrawn indestructable. He was capable of ragdoling Satelle Shan's master and keeping Shan herself in check as he trashtalking them. Sel-Makor considered him a greater sith than Fulminus, the sith who destroyed entire cities with force storms.

But despite those accomplishments there were people who could challenge him on even terms. Nomen Karr was able to stand toe to toe with him and Darth Ekkage, though I do not thinl it was at the same time. The jedi knight Xerender fought him until Baras collapsed from exhaustion and took his lightsaber from him.

So all in all their were people who could beat Baras no arguements there. But all those people feel before the mighty Wrath long before Baras made the mistake of turning on his apprentice.

Here is the real point of it all. The Wath had clearly proven to be more powerfull than any of Baras's superior enemies so why was Baras treated as the final boss of the story. If you follow the rule of two where the apprentice has to kill the master to prove superior there would be no argument but that dogma did not show up until millenia later so again why?

PS. Another thing that I am wondering about is how the galactic war would have gone if Baras had keept a leash on his powerhunger. He was clearly a great sith lord and his spy network rivaled that of Jadus. With that kind of intel and both the SW and Draagh to lead the sphere of military offence on campaign would the empire really had been in so much trouble at the start of Rise of the Hutt Cartell?