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Bastila Shan
Kira Carsen
Elara Dorne
Lana Beniko
Tasiela Shan
Satele Shan
Mara Jade
Mirax Terrik
Aayla Secura
Darth Talon
Leia Organa

I think this list can just keep going lol. Hehe.

I lean more to the Shan family...dunno but I feel for them.

Especially for Revan and Bastila and how hard it was for them to stay together despite the jedi council being such jerks about attachments and love. Makes me wonder what if Bastila never came back to the light...and stayed dark taking Revan with her. Hmmm. But man even the descendants of Revan and Bastila had it hard too...especially Tasiela who got exiled by the council members and the Republic.

Sucks for the Shans not being capable of having a chance of a family...altogether. Bastila never saw Revan again after he disappeared to the unknown regions to find the true sith. But i get why he did it to protect her and their son from even more dangers. Least he could watch over them through force visions but still...sad for Vaner growing up without a father.

I would like to learn more about Bastila's fate and everything else going forward down the Shan family treeline. All i know is that vaner had two kids too...

Too bad they're not part of the new canon. Im waiting for the day for The Old Republic be announced. There is so much potential and countless stories to tell. As well as the characters like the companions and among others too like Darth Marr and a lot more.
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