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09.29.2017 , 08:51 PM | #7
As a Madness/Balance main I would say this puppy would only really become FOTM again like early 4.0 days if it were given something like 2 tweaks -both the ability to say channel force lightning while running + 1 more really good defensive perk on top what it already has. Definately not saying such changes should be made but if they should for whatever reason you would see this spec over-tuned at that point like mercs are now.

Otherwise, right now it is kind of in the same place as concealment op (only when it comes to the way they can do damage though-the utility tool sets of the two are totally different). You are either engaged in pressure or you are running/ trying to survive off-heal in the hopes a pesky enemy Mara get's distracted / bored chasing you around and that your team is competent and can get the kill.

But it is a nice surprise not to be the first focus of the enemy team for once (in some matches) anymore as that seems to have been standard procedure the last few months.