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It was definitely a cool fight. It even showed Lana and Theron's vulnerability (mostly Theron) trying to keep the skytroopers away from the throne. The actual fight with Vaylin and Arcann wasn't that difficult. Arcann doesn't hit as hard. It is Vaylin that is the more powerful one in that fight. I played a sorcerer through it (the only one who killed Arcann) and I just loaded him up with dots and pretty much focused on Vaylin. In fact, I think Dramath killed Arcann for me .

However, I am still confused as to how Senya showed up. That didn't make sense to me at all.
I agree. I really liked the cut scene of Lana and Theron standing together to fight while the Commander's battling Valkorion. And if you're romancing Lana, she gets the best line after you defeat Valkorion.

I did have to go through that fight in Chapter 9 more than once, even though I was able to kill Arcann in one shot in every battle and got Vaylin on my second try in Chapter 8. I kept getting thrown over the edge. In my case, though, the game was lagging so much that I wasn't really able to react to either Vaylin or Arcann as I wanted to. Once the game stopped going in slow motion, and I figured out I could stand behind the stairs and fight there, it went quickly. Dramath is a huge help, and Arcann really is dead easy to kill. I finally succeeded by killing him first and then going for Vaylin.

I didn't get how Senya magically appeared there, either. Her soul hadn't been absorbed by Valkorion, and all I could think was that she was somehow drawn there to help her children find their way once they were released by the holocron. Or something. it was a weird deus ex machina and she was the last person I expected to see there. IMHO it would have almost been more plausible for someone like Darth Marr to show up there to help you, since he was looking out for the Commander in an earlier chapter.