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IMHO choices *do* matter in Chapter 9. The two companions for 9 are variable depending on whether you killed Arcann and Senya, to start (I personally am grateful I have the ability to keep Lana and Theron there). There are also two DS choices that influence the battle; one makes it easier and the other harder (whether you chose to keep Lord Dramath and whether you chose to kill Arcann).

In terms of Valkorion's vessel - he was getting older, so maybe he felt it was time for an upgrade. Or, alternatively, maybe his disappointment in his kids made him start shopping, or perhaps the Commander intrigued him enough to prompt a desire to move.

Valkorion does mention that the last person he "hollowed out" was also a warrior who had achieved a lot, and it could be that he gets some sick satisfaction from taking over someone who is at the top of their game.
It was definitely a cool fight. It even showed Lana and Theron's vulnerability (mostly Theron) trying to keep the skytroopers away from the throne. The actual fight with Vaylin and Arcann wasn't that difficult. Arcann doesn't hit as hard. It is Vaylin that is the more powerful one in that fight. I played a sorcerer through it (the only one who killed Arcann) and I just loaded him up with dots and pretty much focused on Vaylin. In fact, I think Dramath killed Arcann for me .

However, I am still confused as to how Senya showed up. That didn't make sense to me at all.
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