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I think the game is heading towards the end of the alliance. Something will happen that will either destroy or otherwise neutralize the eternal fleet. Without that fleet, the alliance is on almost equal terms in military might with the empire and republic. From there, it's a hop skip and a jump to the alliance being dissolved. And, then our PC will be disgraced and we can go from being the Outlander to the Outcast, rejected by both factions.
That's a depressing ending! I kinda like it.

I want to be able to face off with the traitor. I think it would be cool if the Order forced his hand to make him battle with the Commander to the death. Of course we should get options after he is defeated. Maybe it can be a scene where he explains everything and gives us a chance to show mercy - or not.

I also want Momma Shan in the picture. Either she helps us or dies with her kid. Then she can party on with Ghost Marr.
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