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09.29.2017 , 02:21 PM | #16
Haha . Acina wasn't there to *help you as such. Like so many other Fair Weather, opportunist friends she runs in at the very end to Finish off "Whoever" is the loser and later say "Remember I was there and helped you so we're allies and friends now...right"? There had already been Sith bowing to Arcann (Sith Self Preservation right). She was NoT there for the Struggle, not there when it was seemingly Hopeless and certainly Not Helping when the outlander and Lana were Running like H**l for the Shuttle we had waited "3 minutes for". She like so many others of that type will and frequently have said whatever to come out on top and most likely would have (as so often happens) had the Outlander *Moved out of the way later on to claim all the "Spoils" for herself. Valkorians Ploy did atleast have a bit of a chance but Acina's just wasn't the caliber of Charmer/Con Artists as Val. She was there for Ulterior motives, nothing Wholesome, not Righteous and certainly not to Help. They're stabbing each other in the back everyday (Lorman ) no reason to think this woulda came to any other outcome. That Superweapon, she planned on having that before she got there, fight for it or you hand it over.