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The storylines for each class are exactly what you make them. You can be a completely brutal, jerk of a soldier or a totally light side Sith. Which is actually a really nice part about this game. As for the planetary stories, the same applies.
That's not entirely true. Some things you can choose, but there are certain circumstances that are always present in class and planetary stories. A Lightside Sith is still not really a good person. The Bounty Hunter, for example, always has to compete in a famous murder competition for personal glory in Chapter 1 and shoot up an Evocii base on Hutta to get there, no matter if they were light or dark.

A LS Imperial character will always murder rebelling slaves and innocent Jawas unless they skip those planetary quests. A lot of LS Imperial choices amount to doing something less bad or more bad. And usually the LS choice is improvising a different choice than what the Imperial quest giver "ordered" you to.

But my point was less about the player characters personally and more about the Empire itself. Yes, the Agent can stop Eradication Day (or capture its mastermind), but Darth Jadus always tries it. This is the sort of thing that happens in the Sith Empire.

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The Sith on Dromand Kass is going to kill those people anyway, regardless if you help him or not. He wants to watch them suffer, you can choose to end it quickly. Either way, they would have been killed, you just get to choose how much pain they'll have to be in. You can save the men in Lord Grathan's estate (that whole quest is one of the most messed up stories I've ever come across, and I wasn't just your character who wanted that guy stopped). You can have the Acolytes punished by sabotaging their "game".
You're kind of making my point for me here. Regardless of what your character does, those things always happen in the Empire. It's a terrible place. Also you can't save the victims of Grathan's atrocities, you can only prolong their suffering or euthanize them.

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Corusaunt's senators and republic officials are just as corrupt as the Sith, they just hide it better. You get one quest where you have to either return to the senator or a security agent a box of slave collar chips. Your General Garza wants you to murder innocent civilians because of something that they MIGHT be, and it turns out later that they had never been a threat. They allowed a militant group to take over an entire sector, gangs to take over others. They have an army, and they let these things go.
Coruscant Senators are not as corrupt as the Sith, that's ridiculous. You're comparing one fringe Senator trying to legalize slavery (and can be arrested for possessing slave collars) with the entire ruling class of the Empire. The Empire has so many slaves that they are used for things like building giant statues, and can often be killed on a whim. No Sith will ever be punished by the Empire for having slaves. Coruscant Senators also can't go around murdering civilians for fun with impunity like Sith (even the lower ranked Sith) can.

And one of the other corrupt Senators was using her corruption to help repair the damage done by the Sith. Garza wants you kill those civilians because she believes they are a risk to other civilians.

Coruscant is a planet wide megatropolis with trillions of inhabitants. I believe Garza (or someone) says that most sectors are safe, only a few are dangerous. And in large part these are due to the damage from the sacking of Coruscant. I'd say the Republic does a remarkable job maintaining order by those standards.

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The Empire wants Balmorra for its weapons, no other reason. They had already fought the Republic once, won, and the Republic left. The Republic isn't on Balmorra for the freedom fighters, they just want to get the weapons back from the Empire.
I don't think that's true. The Empire also wants another world to rule. And people from the Republic express sympathy for the people of Balmorra suffering under Imperial rule. But even if they were both just there for the weapons, my point still stands. The Empire is brutally oppressing Balmorrans to get heir weapons. The Republic is liberating them from oppression to get their weapons.

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Ancient Taris was considered a jewel of the Republic, but we all know how aliens were treated. Just because they are allowed to freely join, doesn't mean they're equal. The reconstruction is nothing more than a publicity play on Sareshe's part to get in good with the Senate. IMO, stopping Saresh from getting her way should be considered a public service
The racism on Taris was a policy on Taris, not the whole Republic. But this is another example of something bad in the Republic, while something worse was done by the Sith. The Sith conquered the planet and then exterminated everyone there to try to kill one Jedi.

And again, as for the story in TOR itself, my point still stands. The Republic is trying to heal a devastated world, and the Empire is trying to murder the colonists there.

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On Nar Shadda, you have to option to send the aliens to another planet rather than killing them.
That's true, and it's certainly better than killing them but it's just another example of how bad the Empire is. At BEST it's a story about how the Empire brutally attacked many worlds unprovoked. Then killed, enslaved or expelled many people, and then evicted desperate alien refugees again.

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Corellia was basically handed to the Empire by their own government. There was a lot of disagreement among the higher ups and the citizens as to which way they should go. The war didn't start until the Republic moved in and started fighting the Imps.
The Corellian government sold Corellia to the Empire against the wishes of the people of Corellia, who strongly resisted them. Both the Republic and Imperial stories on the planet feature Corellian government officials who lament the fact that the people of Corellia fought back.

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Belsavis belongs to the Republic. As a way to destabilize them, the Imps release prisoners. As it turns out, the Taris mentality is alive and well here. There are people who were born in the prison, and inherit their parents' sentences. Same thing happened on Taris with the "Promised Ones".
I'd say releasing some of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy in order to cause chaos, all in service of freeing some of the most evil Sith who ever, lived puts the Empire on the wrong side of the issue. And that's not even taking into account that Imperial forces were also trying to destroy the planet and all surrounding systems in order to kill trillions of people there.

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The Republic is far from the good guy. The Empire isn't all bad. They're both gray.
Obviously not every individual in each faction is good or bad, but one is vastly vastly worse than the other. In the Jedi Knight story alone, we see the Sith attempt six individual acts planetary genocide, and they succeed at one.

That's not really surprising, is it? The Sith and Jedi characters were based on the archetypes of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Acting in some way similar to the Jedi and Sith characters in the movies was designed to be a large part of the fun of roleplaying Jedi and Sith in the game.