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Quote: Originally Posted by aerockyul View Post
The data is ONLY on the bosses (and bonus boss)
And to reiterate the point, the boss fights are:
* The turret-dropping technician and the shadow woman. Loot the technician for one token.
* The Alpha Slybex and the two ordinary gold-star Slybexes. Loot the Alpha for two tokens.
* The big huge thing that looks like a black rancor that glows purple in spots. Loot it for one token.
* The spider tank at the end, with all the explosive crates and the huge swarms of adds. Loot the spider for two tokens.

What the OP might have done is this:
* Killed the tech and the shadow, looted the tech
* Skipped the Alpha Slybex - it's not what I'd call "on the main path"
* Killed and looted the rancor thing
* Killed the spider tank and the adds and the crates
* Got the "flashpoint over" reward and exited.

That gives two instead of six - two missed at the Alpha Slybex, two missed by not looting the spider tank.

OP: you can loot the spider tank after accepting the flashpoint rewards, but you must do it before using the Exit Area function.
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