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This. I have to force myself to side with the republic. They were zero help in fighting Arcann/Vaylyn. Only the empire showed up on Voss to help and become an ally. This is disturbing to me because when I started playing years ago I only played republic thinking empire is bad. Having played through all the stories multiple times, I think the empire seems a lot more appealing than the republic.
I really have no idea how anyone could come to this conclusion. The fact that the Empire are the bad guys is not supposed to be subtle.

The Republic is a democracy that all species in the galaxy can join. The Empire is racist absolute monarchy built on slave labor and conquest. It is also ruled exclusively by a violent treacherous class of force users that have absolute power over the lower classes.

The Jedi Knight story is about saving all life in the galaxy from the Sith Emperor. The Consular, Trooper, and Smuggler storylines are essentially all about saving the Republic from a Sith Empire's attempt to conquer or destroy it.

The Warrior, and Inquisitor stories are about overcoming the brutal backstabbing politics of the Sith in order to gain power and revenge. The Bounty Hunter story is essentially about committing crimes for personal glory. The first half of Imperial Agent story is about one of the leaders of the Empire enacting a conspiracy to kill hundreds of thousands of his own people in order to rise above his peers in the Dark Council and "plant terror and hatred in every heart."

The fact that the Sith helped against Vaylin's evil empire does not mean they themselves were not also an evil empire. They're former conquerors that were tired of being dominated by a stronger empire.

Even the planetary quests make this clear.

Dromund Kaas features a Sith Lord in open rebellion, a slave rebellion being put down by a sadistic Sith Lord (the LS option is to poison slaves to death and the DS option is to poison slaves to death in horrible agony), and a group of Sith acolytes legally murdering civilians people for fun. And the Sith Acolytes could get away with that as long as they don't attack other Sith.

Coruscant's quests usually involve stopping criminals and repairing the damage the Empire caused.

Imperial Balmorra is a story about crushing freedom fighters trying to free their world from tyranny.

Republic Balmorra is a story about helping those freedom fighters liberate their world from oppression.

Republic Taris is about trying to resettle a devastated world and make it habitable again.

Imperial Taris is about trying to murder colonists, so that a world that was obliterated by the Sith can never be settled by the Republic again.

Imperial Nar Shadda features a story about crushing the leader of alien refugees that fled have fled persecution at the Empire's hands.

Republic Nar Shadda features a story about stopping the genocide of the Evocii who were being murdered in the Empire's extermination factories.

Imperial Corellia is about brutally subjugating the people of Corellia.

Republic Coreliia is about ending the brutal subjugation of the people of Corellia.

Even in the places where the Republic is doing bad things, such as Belsavis, the Empire is usually doing something worse.