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Most of what you said is true, however I am a bit tired of people complaining about raiders asking for achievements to join a "PUG". Most of the times when you see people asking for cheeves it means they want to form a pug and complete the OP, and not have a wipefest its just that simple. For those that want the achievements find a guild that has teaching ops like 90% of us with the cheeves did, one on Harb I can think of is Galaxy Knights, there are alot more out there but most of the people I taught raiding with left the game so I dont know many right now. You need to understand those of us that put the time into a game that once had a thriving capable raiding community, that now has a horrible over all raiding community (as far as ability over all) want to finish harder HM and NiM content too. As for the normal how do you expect people to get better if you don't help them comment? I have taught more people than I can remember over the years not only the mechanics of HM operations. but also how to properly play their classes. When I teach operations I have patience, but when I am forced to pug I want good players, its just that simple.
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I never had played an mmo before swtor,was and still am an fps player.A friend of mine was playing the beta and induced moi to try this game.He didn't liked it,i loved it.When game came out i was still playing it.He didnt use the account so i kept playing on.I started in former EU Sluy Shipyards server,with a BH.Took me 2 or 3 months to get him to lvl 50 (lvl cap at the time).After a year,a busted keyboard and a mouse(im an fps player,never saw so many abilities,procs to abilities,cd's,buttons to click...and i hit the boiling point fast...) i decided to have my own account;i liked it,why not buy it.
Was some of the best times of my player CV (i know...),discovering all this game was offering me,places to explore,pple to know and play with(in game),group and go have fun around...its not a talk about "the old good days",what is gone is gone,but history if nothing else,is a reminder of what you did good or the lack of it,so you can always have a choice in your present life.

Developers-in this game only have one road-map:"how can we make this guys keep feeding us...?!" :
"The Legacy Wide Stuff..."
-i have 10 chars in Red Eclipse,8 in The Harbinger.When i made my first chars in Harbinger i noticed i didn't had my "all class buffs".Sometimes im smart,i sent 1 of my chars from R.Eclipse to Harbinger.Got them.Then sent him back to Eclipse.Problem solved.(went to my account to check how much that was but service is unavailable,lol,talk about the devil.I think it's region/zone server 100 cc's and from a region/zone to another 150)
-i'm missing 7 dcrons in Harbinger and more than half in R.Eclipse
-i'm curious about Umbara expansion/dlc/upgrade,it's a new thing and i want to play it.Only thing i know about Umbara,in game,is the Flashpoint,because when i go to talk to Theron to start the mission the phase to enter the war room is red.Tried to go in trough comps/contacts and it's a no way thing.
I know,it's a game,but even more because of that,why the hell you cant solve issues in what you have created?!Fast example,when pple end the mission in Yavin "Altars of History",they were not able to use their mounts unless,like i used to do,travel out of planet,SH/return to...,worked for me;that is a minor bug,but the point is:if you cant solve a minor issue in game how can pple expect you to solve bigger one's?!

Swtor players-this is my opinion and i will not apologise for it to no one.
When a known game in the mmo's scenery started went down hill,lots of their players landed down in swtor,bringing their "game culture" along with them.What used to be a fun and friendly game,started to reshape into something else:
-achievements,how hard is for players to understand that,you can only achiev an achievement if you play the content that gives you that?! i mean,those who ask for that as a requirement to let pple in their OPS,how the hell you got your achievement?!You born with it,or is it just a petty payback for something you only know and blame all others for it?!
-parse,you parse bro?!never liked pple checking me out.How do i feel when in a game pple try to make me have a meter to check my performance?!Told you before,i get to the boiling point very fast.I use starparse a bit to see my overall performance and try to get a bit better,i dont even understand it to fully get more than what i need.
I understand the goal of starparse,or other apps like that,starparse is a great tool to get your team to become better in a game (OPS mostly,and swtor specifically).It is not a "blocker" you use at your own discretion to kick or trash other players.Once again,were you born knowing all?!
-a quick example of how friendly players in swtor had become:
this week i went for the first time to that FP in Umbara(yes,the one i mentioned above...)a lvl 70,a 56 or something,a friend of mine (the one who brought me to swtor,i returned the favour lol)lvl 26 and me lvl 22(GS).I died in the first turrets,as my friend was reviving me i got a kick vote.At that lvl my hard hit abilities are Charged Burst,Suppressive Fire and the Grenade;dcds none.We kicked ourselves out.
Not even going to talk much about that "bolster justice for all thing",i expect all by now,including the geniuses who came up with that "idea" ,are aware that it doesn't work.For it to work you guys,devs,should also match the number of abilities players have...
I'm getting tired,been around this for awhile because i dont want grammar freaks to say i need to learn English,and skip on all i said,my born language isn't English,and the only correction/help i use to write is the red underlined words .Just a few things before i go:
-in a few days i will re-sub again,2 months,because i still want to do some things in game.After that i will spend some cc's to buy some unlocks,and i will become an occasional visitor to swtor,which will only change (after all these years) if this game turns,at least, 180 of is course.And i dont believe it will.(please prove me wrong)

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