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Darth Marr makes a point of mentioning that Vitiate often fell into "long silences" where he was mysteriously absent from Sith affairs - because, it turns out, he was focused on being Valkorian. I don't think there was anything in KotFE that made it seem like the reverse couldn't also be true - that Valkorian would sometimes sequester himself from the affairs of the Eternal Empire, and even his family, for stretches of time when (unbeknownst to Zakuul) the Emperor shifted his consciousness to back to his Vitiate persona.
I don't have a citeable quote, unfortunately, but go back and play the opening of the Lady of Sorrows chapter (VII?) as you arrive on Zakuul and listen to what Senya says as the two of you walk through the tunnels to meet T7.

Her words can be very much interpreted as implying something similar in the "Vitiate distracting Valkorian" direction.
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