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I love the original stuff, I was okay with RotHC, and enjoyed SoR. KotFE/KotET for me just don't work story-wise. I freely admit I'm on my first toon working through the stuff, but I don't see Valkorian treating classes like BH, Trooper and Agent the same way as he does the JK, Warrior etc. I know those other classes accomplish big things in the game, but the idea that he has the same conversations with them about having watched them, they alone being worth his interest or whatever, just doesn't smack of reality to me. Or the conversations with Marr and Satele. The story fits with the JK or the whole "Wrath" thing, but I just don't buy it with ALL classes. For me the "one size fits all" approach in that regard is extremely weak.
I couldn't agree more. Although I could see the trooper ruling though. Some countries are run by military regimes, although that usually is not a good thing. My friend who plays a smuggler was laughing through the chapters at the thought that his guy would be a good ruler for the eternal alliance. It was especially odd with the Marr/Satele chapter as it just didn't make sense for non force users.

I find it interesting though that Valkorian gives us information on the future of our alliance. As if it cannot survive without him leading it. A few times he mentions in Chapter 9 of KOTET and


Now I originally thought Valkorian was just saying this because he wants to continue to manipulate and control my character's actions. He certainly wouldn't mind if she got rid of these two because of the influence they have and strength they bring to the alliance. However, with all that has happened since (iokath, Umbarra, Uprisings) that maybe there was more truth to his words than mere manipulative tactics.
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