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09.28.2017 , 01:51 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Foambreaker View Post
Have to agree, blind changes to HPS, made in a vacuum without considering utility and mobility are plain dumb.

Not only do these people not play this game, I think they are generally clueless about MMOs in general. I think they play Doom II.
Same goes for DPS. They really aren't doing this too well...

Quote: Originally Posted by DavidAtkinson View Post
Yeah... as a Marauder and Hatred sin player nerf to healers is not a good news but let's face it. It was about damn time.

PVP with immortal healers is boring and the "no one dies" games were boring and dull too.
Especially given the amount of nerfs DPS specs have gotten recently. Healer adjustments might counteract those changes, at least to an extent.