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It's never too late to try again sometime.
- Remember that you can keybind your keys and mouse buttons for any setup that suits you - and if you have a gaming mouse, shifting some of the controls to that can help.

- Try mirroring some of your ground PVE/PVP keys for a start, so defensive CDs for example can be on the same key as you use on the ground. the 123 and f1 f2 f3 aren't ideal for some people, so they might be the best ones to shift over to the mouse.

If you use the tutorial mode to learn to manoeuvre around objects and line stuff up in the sights, you're halfway there already.

If you tell people that you're new, most players will give you tips and advice, and devise a strategy that means they'll stick by your ship and act as your wingman, keeping an eye out for marauding enemies, and telling you what parts of the map are relatively safe.

GL if you decide to try it again.
-Storm Cutter.
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