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I must be getting ripped off. I have been through the mission four times with three different characters & all three only received 2 data recon for the entire mission. I killed & looted every enemy in sight, but still only end up with 2 data recon.

I do not want to even play it any more because the mission is worthless & get much of nothing out of it. At this rate, it would take 30 times going through it just to buy the key to get in to the room to buy stronghold.

Do people really play the same mission that many times with the same character?
Not sure how you're getting only 2 if you're killing everything. You can skip trash and still wind up with 6 at the end of each solo run provided you kill the proper boss/champion mobs. I missed 2 my first time through (didn't get the Slybex Alpha, which drops 2), but each of my subsequent runs got me 6 every time.