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Trust them? Sorry, they have done this traitor scene way too many time and still haven't learn that when you make one character be a traitor to both dark and light side it will never make sense. From my experience with them every character they have allowed to be killed has had no part of the story. While I understand that some want to kill them, that is their choice, but to completely put them off to the side, for those that didn't kill them, is laziness on the part of the writer.
That is definitely a stinger in my side. KOTET is a good example of this in its treatment of Jorgan and Kaliyo. We see them in cutscenes but (unless their romanced) they don't have a single thing to say in any of the cutscenes! Not One! Just a small blurb of ambient dialogue on Iokath.

Now, I'm still holding on to hope for next expansion. I don't judge War for Iokath and Crisis on Umbara for their lack of Koth, Senya, and other potentially dead companions. But if those characters disappear in the next story expansion too? Then I'm gonna be a little bit upset. However, I did hear something a while back that Arcann's voice actor was recording voice lines for, as it was described, "what comes after Umbara". So I'm going to hope with a side of salt that these companions will still be around and important in the next xpac.

As a side note, not that I'm a super BW defender, but I don't think the killing off of a character is the main reason for their departure from the story. Sure, it is definitely one of the reasons, but the thing with the "epic single story" that all classes have to share is the massive cast of characters that have to be balanced. So with the focus on Theron and presumably more old companions trickling back in, it's hard to manage all your different characters pick and choose which of the "dead" should get some lines in a scene.