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I think this is spot on. The player's own psyche coaches them through the first part of that chapter, telling them over and over again to save themselves and leading them in the right direction. They literally build their own bridges as they repair their memories. And a lot of KOTFE and KOTET is about the Commander learning to trust in their own abilities. When Valkorion's trying to tempt them to use his power, over and over again he's telling them that they can't do it alone and undercutting their confidence. And in all the other chapters, if the Commander tells Valkorion to leave their mind, they're always sort of *asking* him...not ordering him.

So going in a Wizard of Oz type direction - "You had the power to go home all along, but you wouldn't have believed me if I'd told you before" - makes a lot of sense to me. The Commander's finally able to draw on the power to kill Valkorion once and for all because they realize they can.
Gotta give you a shout out, man. I never particularly had any issue with this scene, but this is a great job of connecting the dots that I hadn't fully seen before. Since SWTOR is a choice-based campaign, the character development of the main character isn't always clear and is presumed to be left to players' headcanons. However, this truly is a great culmination and it helps me appreciate KOTET just a little bit more. So Thanks!