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Anni far above Deception in PVP?
The only thing Anni is better at is fighting Arsenal Mercs and Snipers. When I say better I don't mean good enough.
If the utility that gives Mercs reduced CD for Energy Shiled (Energy rebounder?) would only work on direct single target dmg we could talk about Anni/Watchman in PVP, but now with only yolo and regs popin' where most played toons besides mercs are Concealment Ops and Deception Sins!?
....Anni is the worst mara spec for fighting Concealment Ops and Deception Sins, not the the other two spec are good enough. It's just that a clicker with basic knowledge of the game can beat any Anni mara if playing Concealment (that reduced CD on evasion ), Deception is a bit harder but not by much.

On the topic, PVP wise I don't agree with this Deception nerf.
Well, for the concealment part, any class that isn't a merc will usually have trouble beating a concealment player. I agree on the part about the slow build of anni's dps, though mara are way more resistant since 5.0 which helps them by a lot. I don't know about anni in ranked, since I played mainly Deception.
Since 5.0 I would put anni roughly on par with Deception, because a marauder is really tanky now, obfuscate being a huge helps for this, and Deception being quite squishy. As for burst, Deception has a bigger one, but a marauder can absorb it for quite some times. A good Deception player could beat a good anni mara if they never dueled before, because you can easily trick someone when it's their first time against you. For Deception, it is often like this, if you can mindf*ck your opponent it's a win.
For concealment though, if you can roll correctly it's a win, because off-heal
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