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Of course there is a lot to it.

1. The teams - if you are a Sorc and are against 3 Mercs and 1 Sniper then its pretty obvious how it will go. Same goes for stealthers on other team, with 2 sins and a operative.... So depends on what you are up against.

2. Players - again depends on whom you get, the thing is that Sorc dps aint that good and you cannot exactly carry a team member as a Sorc dps. Their main advantage atm is kiting, running, offhealing etc, not direct attack. A game can be won if the Sorc kites well and the enemy is chasing him (while the teammates kill them). If you get a bad player you are not able to carry.

3. Skill - lastly we have skill, its very well known that if you really like a class and spec you keep on playing it no matter what, you find your ways, tricks etc. By playing the class as you main you gain knowledge far over that of what others have. If you are really stuck on a class you perform much better than any other person running same class and spec. So if you are such a player, you can really play a jugg or Sorc or PT and still come as the best player in the team.
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