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I wish I had a LI that was as important as Lana. I know it's just Lana for the f/f romance, but holy hell. She's everywhere. I'd stop complaining if my LI was that big in the game.
But I don't have all that much to complain about for myself when it comes to LI. Except the male force user thing, which is going to be solved either way.
Yes, she has been - and there was even a way to keep her involved in the last two chapters of KOTET. I'm very grateful for that, and as you know, I adore my blonde Sith. Personally, as long as she's around and is included, I will be very happy.

But what if someone were a lesbian/bi female player/PC and *didn't* care for her, which is certainly possible? Their options are...nil. Even though there are flirts with Acina, there's nothing actually going on for them, which has to be frustrating.