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That might be the best way to learn... While MM FPs are nowhere near to SM OPS in regards to tanking, MM FPs where one can really experience and assume the basics of tanking. Some punishment for mistakes, some basic mechanics but most importantly one have to be there. No fallback to offtank or DwT. And let's face it, leveling teaches you jack', Veteran FPs same, since no tank required, SM OPS way to go to ruin 7 other's game.
The problem with that however is that in MM FPs with PUGs you're expected to know your class. The tank who still has his training wheels on is very likely to get trashed and/or vote kicked for that inexperience unless a forgiving FP like Hammer Station pops. HM FPs as *the* place to really learn your class is only viable if you're doing it with guild members. PUGs tend to be far less patient.

Vet is a much better place to practice the basics of your trinity role because you get a feel for it in an environment where a mistake or two isn't likely to cause a wipe, and it's much easier for an inexperience player to make it through a FP with random players without being called a muppet or getting vote kicked.