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09.26.2017 , 12:03 PM | #1
I honestly gave it my best thought to do this , I tried it and its far too complex for me (an occasional gamer).

OK here is my best foot forward. I was playing on a laptop with a normal keyboard (numeric keypad included).

Then I thought , maybe i need a PVP type macro mouse... yeah got one of those as well. Trying to throw toys at something that requires strategy and not so much ease of use. So hey i tried right?

Well i went through the tutorials online (which really totally helped, cause there alot -- ALOT of stuff and special keycommands in the game tutorial they dont tell ya) - really they should hire these YOUTUBE dudes /and gals who make videos to help out players... cause DUDE there is ALOT TO REMEMBER.. ITS OWN GAME.

But yeha i did it to have a better guess or opinion of the whole thing.. (totally spacebattles are not my thing in PVP space wars). Glad they made it.. glad people are playing and getting rewards. But sorry, its just not for me!