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I am kidding of course, but I am seeing some rather exceptional sorcs on TRE at the moment (like Ebola, Apex Sorcerer, K´reieia WBRABBLETEXT and more) and the amount of stuff they bring to a match is unparalleled. I have no doubt they are simply great players in general, but between massive off-healing, a lot damage albeit not burst and strangely survival, I am finding myself rather intrigued by the class.

So, anyone seeing a similar "trend"?
It's player skill, nothing more. People at that skill level could make a blind man with a wet news paper OP. The average ranked player would be hard pressed to make them work.
So they certainly won't be FOTM because that's too much hard work to build up to that skill lvl.
It's better to just use an easy face roll class that you don't need as much skill to achieve the same results. At least that's what I see when supposed good players jump on the FOTM face roll classes.
I take my hat of to players who play a class that is harder to get the same results from because they like a challenge.