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09.26.2017 , 08:08 AM | #24
Here is where I launch another apoligy is there anyway I can edit the headline for the thread?

What I really meant when I wrote gory was that I whish that the star wars writers would get a little more creative in their action scenes (poorly titled I guess english is a second language for me)

Once upon a time star wars was the peak of sci-fy action or action in general but now many films Like matrix and the various super hero movies not to mention all the action series that keeps poping up is starting make star wars too look a bit lame as far as the action scenes go.

What I want to say is that I would like to see star wars look a bit more like it's portayed in the books where the sith and jedi move so fast people mistake them for phantoms and lighnign bolts. Where they us the Force in very creative ways during combat instead of just hammering against eachother and only stop for a Force Push or two. Not to mention that it would be fun to see al the cool force powers that the Legends writers has come up with on screen.

And NO this do not mean that i want a Star Wars movie with matrix effects and things like that. But there is only so much Marvel films ypu can watch before you say to yourself: the Guardians of the Galaxy would actually have a fighting chance against movie-Palpatine