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Honestly, I'm just curious to know why you think that, especially since you're playing mainly a marauder, who is -at least for fury and anni- far above Deception in pvp because of its current defensive (and raid utility -> speed and defense, even blood thirst if really needed). Deception does have Guard for others, which sadly don't combine well with its light armor, leading often to a choice źdo I save him or do I save myself ?╗. Stealth out now doesn't work well, because every ranged attack and half of the melee attack has an animation that will hit you in stealth anyway. The class only had its dps in a warzone, and even in PvE. Now with its current state, without any real burst it wont do anything, and will just die trying.
Peoples will again prefer to bring a marauder in a group, for both PvE and PvP :/
Glad to see I farmed those 300CR for this Good luck for those who stay on this game, I'm out. I don't see why I should stay for an abusive relationship like this if there is no incentive to play at all it may be a cool franchise, but it is tainted with too much error from BW to keep its appeal for me ^^

Cya all somewhere else, now gotta decide where to spend my money on something worth it
i know your feeling mained a sorc since alpha and seen to mutch like this happen to sins its just sad how overal the inquisitor class just gets shafted every time so merc sniper overlords even need to try