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Jaesa eventually has conversations where she makes you choose. I don't know whether gaming the system will work in reverse, but I'm not sure what the point would be for the future. The story is only supposed to recognize one marriage.
I know, but I'm recording the class stories and posting them on YouTube, so I'd like to avoid making 2 Sith Warriors for both of them, where with one of them Vette will recognize the marriage in KOTFE and another where she won't because I married Jaesa last. This is why I'm asking, will Jaesa make me choose if I haven't married Vette?

The goal is to have Vette recognize that we're married in KOTFE, but still be able to follow through on the whole romance with Jaesa in the vanilla story. I'm fine with Vette telling me to choose, by the way, but I still want to marry them both lol.
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