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Your point on paranoia was an excellent point as I'm sure psychological warfare would be a key tool for spies. If he was a wholeheartedly pro-The Order, Theron, not Lana, would be the first to suggest spying on everyone as that would benefit Alliance's new enemy. He does suggest some shady and ruthless choices like allying with Kaliyo, an established terrorist by kotet (previous companions, sure, but still a terrorist). In previous emails he sends in kotfe, he already read a lot of emails that are not his. So, the fact he's adamantly against spying does say something about his actions so far. So he doesn't shy away from being ruthless or morally clean like a pure LS Jedi would want.

I'm on the bandwagon that he's playing the double agent, and at heart, he's on the side of the Alliance. He might not come back, but I don't think he fully accepts the whole "let's go apocalyptic with these superweapons on EVERYONE."

I am curious on how these superweapons work as in why do they need a sacrifice from a chair? I'm sure the devs will not go further into details, but my curiosity just perks up.

More and more, I'm getting interested in how Theron was just singled out like this, and how his character will be explored and tested in coming chapters. Theron does have an interesting background that's connected to a lot of swtor & kotor history. The betrayal sucked (and perhaps could have executed better), but I think the potential is there. I'm curious how the devs will play with his background and where the Eternal Alliance will go.

... I really need to finish the IA storyline.