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I don't think they should be lumped in the same category as the other classes you mentioned. Furthermore, I've seen plenty of anni maras do fine and I've seen carn maras perform well. Granted, I imagine it's harder to do well than with merc or sniper.
Did you try them at arenas? I tried and saw that fury makes much more difference than both of them. They are better than Juggs, Sorcs and PTs but also worse than Fury, Mercs and Snipers.

It is like ;

Jugg, PT, Sorc < Annihilation, Carnage < Fury < Sniper, Merc

I had started to play as annihilation with my xawio marr char last season and it was super hard to carry a team, then I played fury and reached 2k+ rating much more easier. For this reason many maras play fury spec instead of others even they like others more. There is definetely not plenty of maras do fine as annihilation or carnage, because I know specs of almost all top rated maras. There are a few people that could make high ratings with their maras at solo rankeds and they played more than 1k games to do it. And it is also harder for furies to do better than merc and snipers.
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