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09.25.2017 , 08:59 PM | #5
These holo things look stupid, i'm looking for any deco i can get (try maxing Tatooine without stockpiling and playing mostly preferred),
and i wouldn't want these.
If this is the new trend, devs need to stop this right now.

And on a general note, mostly for preferred and f2ps: it wouldn't hurt to add ONE easily available deco from times to times (Felusia, or regular rep, don't care).
Or ease on what's already available (i.e. empty server problem, but flashpoints, uprisings and gsf don't even proc anymore on Nihilus, good luck getting these decos)

I understand the cool stuff being gated behind paywalls or challenges, but one basi item every now and then would entice some people to decorate. And not everything needs to be a powerful artifact that stands on a starship hook, btw.

That's how i got into it, when Strongholds were announced, i was thinking "tss, my Huntress lives in her ship, i'm not gonna play barbie with the housing stuff". But i tried, and today, a deco i don't have is more important to me than the current best piece of gear.

I resubbed after a break since kotfe, so i finished kotfe, did kotet and umbara, and nothing new in my stronghold.
Oh yes, 3 companion family members, one being a holo.

TL,DR: no more holo decos, and bring more of them (one for everyone when possible). You just released 2 more strongholds, ffs.
Kneel before the dragon of Zakuul, Musco, gib us decoz !!!