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And then of course sooner or later Bioware is going to have to explain what happened to the Empire. By 2000 BBY it had been gone fo a long time so what happened that made the entire Sith culture, race and empire vanish completely?
Your timeline is a little off. According to Wookiepedia SWTOR takes place roughly 3650 BBY (The end of KOTET is 3630 BBY) That is 2600 years BEFORE Darth Bane and the annihilation of the Sith. Even if the downfall of the Sith Empire takes place a thousand years before Bane, that is STILL 1500 years of history between SWTOR and that point in time. BW does not have to deal with the fall of the Sith Empire...ever.

Getting back on topic. While I would love to see new classes and a new faction and new class will NEVER happen for the simple fact that EA will NEVER foot the bill. New classes is a pipe dream.
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