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so tell me why 90% of the maras in arenas play fury, instead of annihilation or carnage? because of they love fury or others have worse defenses? carnage and annihilation at least need an immunity like fury has.
This is normal in an MMO. Some builds are tuned to be more useful PvP, like adding stun or stun resist, some are better for big PvE endgame numbers and some are really good for general mission running and leveling.

This is why their approach to balance is so terribly wrong, in the end they are watering down the very diversity that made the game great.

Take healers, looonng slow casts generate massive HPS, but are mostly useless in PvP where mobility is well worth sacrificing some HPS.

But if some buckaroo comes along and makes both classes equal HPS wise, guess what, the class with high mobility is just plain better.