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09.25.2017 , 04:11 PM | #1
Please get rid of the invisible walls on Manaan. Why are they even there?

I'm sure i'm not alone in wanting to jump the hedges of the courtyard and explore the rooftops. Or be able to get to the starship hook! I've been up there and it is great. But I don't want to always have to go through many hoops to do it. It's not like you would fall through the roof. I was able to walk around behind the main building and see the mini subs. Why not open it up and let everyone explore the map that is already created and there? A grapple point like on Yavin would let everyone up. No invisible walls would let people enjoy their stronghold all that much more!

... there is a whole world, accessible to explore, behind those invisible walls. Nuke them and let us roam free!
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