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09.25.2017 , 12:46 PM | #11
I've tested the SA/FR wind crystal relics using the bolsterizer on fleet and as far as I can tell they are actually very similar to the 248 SA/FR relics in terms of raw DPS output. My sample size is too small/bad to be certain, but I think the level 10 wind crystal relics may be slightly worse although I'm still testing.

One thing I am certain of is that they're better than middle tier relics so running these relics is a good way to get 248ish level stats without actually going through the brutal grind of getting the character to 248 and then buying the relics. I use them on my characters while they're still gearing so I can worry about everything except the relics, leaving them for last. In my opinion, this is clearly their main value. Not that they are secretly better than the ones you're "supposed" to use.

They've also got the added benefit of extra health, but the amount is not large enough to have an impact except in games where the margins for win/loss are extremely thin. Lastly, the value of having huge procs that might happen at the right moment in your rotation (or might not) versus bad or no procs in exchange for consistently high bonus damage/healing is very difficult to quantify.

tl;dr I'm not sure what to make of them yet

p.s. some interesting food for thought, if they keep upping bolster I would imagine these relics will eventually become best in slot over the 248s...