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More unstoppable than merc hmm?
Stop giving the regs example, they don't matter, because regs AREN'T about killing people.
Technically the regs example came from me and that miserable hypergates that spawned my return to skanking in PvP.

While technically a win because, like you said regs aren't about killing so the stupid imps that chased me around killing me repeatedly caused their team to lose it does bring up the point of just how squishy guardians are. And I'd argue VGs are worse still.

Sure we can do damage, provided the enemy is nice enough to leave you alone and let you do damage. And I generally run with a healing buddy so I shudder to think what ranked and solo are like. This is why I've never done ranked, 4 v 4 on a dps guardian is just aids anyway. Why go to a method so obviously stacked against you?