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I agree as it is right now it doesn't make any sense for LS but I went back and listened to that podcast where they were talking about it and after discussing how people were upset and that the story relates to trust and stuff Boyd did say something about that he hopes players show them (the writers) some trust in that the story will play out in a way they enjoy. So I'm still hopeful there will be more to it. Still really worried he's going to be killable though

And while it's hard to believe them anytime they say "soon", they were talking like there wouldn't be much of a wait for the next story bit and they said it will be a direct continuation of the Theron stuff.
Trust them? Sorry, they have done this traitor scene way too many time and still haven't learn that when you make one character be a traitor to both dark and light side it will never make sense. From my experience with them every character they have allowed to be killed has had no part of the story. While I understand that some want to kill them, that is their choice, but to completely put them off to the side, for those that didn't kill them, is laziness on the part of the writer.
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