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So I just returned a couple weeks ago and starting playing the typical stupid gear catch up crap. I have been noticing that the geared out people are running with crap relics with max gear in the other slots. Is this the new 2017 relic exploit going on or something? What is the deal with it?
Nah, it's just that max gear is obtained mostly(1) by RNG, and *which* relic you get when you get a relic is *also* chosen by RNG.

(1) Sources are:
* Command Crates that you get as you earn "Galactic Command" ranks at level 70. These are entirely RNG.
* Tokens that drop from bosses in Operations. The RNG in these is more to do with how the Ops group chooses who gets them.
* The same tokens, but bought for "Unassembled Components" that you earn in Warzones and GSF. The RNG here is of the "heads I win, tails you lose" type unless you group up with a competent group, but it affects only how many matches it takes before you can buy a piece of gear.
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