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since most matches are Sorcs, Mercs, Juggs and Sins, either tanking or healing , no-one seems to die very often. - two three people often seem to hold a node, since overall DPS is low. - coz most of your team- mates are tanking or healing - so upping several defences likely going to make it worse, not better.

compare old score tables to the ones you get these days. - you'll see a big difference. - The maps aren't designed for such strong defences, where basically any class can give 3 or 4 players the runaround for long just enough to enable more defenders to cross the map or re-spawn and re-join the fight.
As a guardian main who skank in PvP, I have said everywhere that if you want fewer tanks in PvP guardian dps needs to be less squishy. I played vigi for a long time in the early days of 4.0 In the meta of mercs and snipers who hit like trucks and could out tank my tank. Now of course some of the edge has been taken off due to the dps nerfs, but my dps guardian is still a squishy.

Now my personal sob story. I was with a guildie healer in a hypergates. It was a miserable match, I couldn't run anywhere without being focused in seconds. I literally died more than 10 times. We seriously won because the other team was too busy killing me to defend their own node. "Oh look a squishy kill it!" I couldn't handle the dying constantly even if it was enough of a distraction to create a win, so I told my buddy to make me skank gear.

Buff dps guardian and vg (I'd say and sorc) d efensives and people will dps in these classes. To get rid of skanks you also have to make tank gear somehow useful in PvP but that's beyond the scope of this thread.