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09.24.2017 , 08:44 PM | #1
We PVPers who have even little bit experience at PVP know that Juggernaut, Powertech, Sorcerer classes, Marauder's Annihilation, Carnage specs have too weak defenses. I also think Sniper and Merc classes definetely need nerfs to their defenses but this is arguable, but I am sure that we all know jugg, pt, sorc classes and annihilation, carnage specs of mara are very squishy and need buff to their defenses.

So I want to learn, our mighty developer, great jedi guardian and the best saberward user Eric Musco and his friends that could notice little bit damage differences at annihilation and carnage specs, can't see these huge defensive differences?

As a nonstop subscriber of this game for many years I request you to play these classes and specs at solo rankeds of TRE server, I am sure that you will be regreted for giving them low defenses and making snipers & mercs fotm. You can even cry because of sadness when you think there were players who were trying to rise their ratings even they get suffer a lot while playing with these conditions. And while you do that, you even can notice there are some wintraders and trolls that ruins arenas.
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