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Issue being is that the games seem to have a lot of women who are in power, it's the very fact Bioware supports women and thinks they should be higher ups etc, is where we get this issue. There are more opportunities to flirt with strong independent women, you see more of them than you do the men. I noticed this when it came to the whole flirting.
Sorry , hate to bring this up..but the GUYS get to flirt and have romances with the Smart Intelligent women..., Women get the idiots and the dregs of society ...oh and on that note..ever do the starter mission on Quesh for imps..Doesn't matter if you are Sith or a Mando bH who can Literally rip your tongue out and shove it where the sun doesn't shine..
One of them actually says " Women don't belong on the battlefield". Now if our toons did the above said thing THAT would be Darkside...but giving him a good pounding in the jaw..oh no oh goodness me..its darkside how DARE you be so un lady like. -.- you made my point for me , Thankyou