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My husband tends to play as a female because he likes to have something pretty to look at if he's playing, that's his reasoning, but he has played male toons as well and has come to the same conclusions as I did, that men get more chances to flirt and more ftb. He noticed this particularly when he played his male SI...he got to flirt with the girl on NS in his cult...but the female SI couldn't flirt with the male. If things were fair, each should've had the option to flirt with the cult members.

Like another poster said, FSmuggler is fairly close to the ideal, in that she gets almost as much as the male smuggler where NPC flirts are concerned. I'd forgotten about Dharmas and the one nighter with Skavak. But that's the thing to be really great, it would've been nice to have them as permanent choices. Dharmas was particularly painful for me, because my smug preferred him to Corso.

I still think they could've done more, as I said, give everyone 2 choices at least.
Two for each would certainly be the sweet spot.

As for the Sith Inquisitor, I actually found there was a balance there. While the guy could flirt and sleep with the girl on Nar Shaddaa, he couldn't flirt and sleep with Lady Thul. The female inquisitor on Alderaan could flirt and have a one-night stand with Lady Thul's sith bodyguard - so they both had the opportunity to satisfy their appetites somewhat.
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