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Bit of a judgement to make. Do I think they hate women? Hell no. Bioware is literally one of the most alt left developers out there.

I'm unsure why there's an assumption going around that every woman is playing as a female toon? I'm straight, I'm female. I play male toons who romance female toons? -Shrugs-

Most of the females I know actually have male toons to play with. Not every woman is playing as a female toon.

Regardless, the romances - never really noticed truth be told. They seemed fine enough to me. I'm not actually recalling one where it's all that off-putting for women. Heck, female Counsellor got the better romance than the male.

Issue being is that the games seem to have a lot of women who are in power, it's the very fact Bioware supports women and thinks they should be higher ups etc, is where we get this issue. There are more opportunities to flirt with strong independent women, you see more of them than you do the men. I noticed this when it came to the whole flirting.
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